About the Artist

Welcome to Country Classic Oils.  Let me take a minute to tell you about myself.
I've lived in east central Illinois my whole life and became interested in different forms
of art at a very young age.  When I was in Jr High I began working with oils and they
became my medium of choice.   I soon learned that I preferred to paint on various
surfaces other than a canvas.  In the past I've painted on walls, floors, hats, ties, milk
cans, saws, saw blades, slate, almost anything I could touch a brush to.

While attending a Quails Unlimited banquet  I saw my first painted turkey feather and I
immediately knew that I had to try it.  Within days I had feathers in hand and began
painting.  It soon became my passion and with the help of my husband we built the
studio that I've always wanted and included a room to build frames.

Because of my love for old barns I decided to make all my frames from aged barn
wood. Each piece of wood has its own characteristics that I try to match up to the
feather.   Each feather is different as well. I often spend days looking at the different
shapes and colors of the feathers before deciding what would look best on them.

When it comes to painting I love a challenge.  I think that's why I love the feathers so
much.  I hope that you enjoy my site.  If you do like it, please pass it on to your family
and friends.
Thanks for visiting.

Suzanna Fairley
Hand Painted Wild Turkey Feathers
featuring detailed wildlife scenes
Country Classic Oils
Hand Painted Turkey Feathers
Country Classic Oils

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